Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OWH Sketch Challenge

Well, my first Sketch Challenge. I now know why people collect tons of markers and inks! Embossing I think can make this card a little more fun, but hey, everyone has a first card, and this one is mine. It took me a while to decide where to start. Color, prints, texture or plain. The plaid paper won and I worked with my colors off that. I think its a bit plain. So with that being said, how do you veteran card makers make things sparkly and unique without glitter? I would love to try anything to add a little sparkle to my crafts for OWH!

I appreciate any advice you can give to this new card maker and scrapper,
Take Care,


  1. Just keep practicing and looking at other blogger's ideas and instructions they give you! It's a fun way to spend your time and so worth it to our troops!!

  2. Your card is great for a first time. Going simple is always a good choice when confronted with too many decisions/choices at one time.