Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OWH Sketch Challenge

Well, my first Sketch Challenge. I now know why people collect tons of markers and inks! Embossing I think can make this card a little more fun, but hey, everyone has a first card, and this one is mine. It took me a while to decide where to start. Color, prints, texture or plain. The plaid paper won and I worked with my colors off that. I think its a bit plain. So with that being said, how do you veteran card makers make things sparkly and unique without glitter? I would love to try anything to add a little sparkle to my crafts for OWH!

I appreciate any advice you can give to this new card maker and scrapper,
Take Care,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st a good day

Today is my nephew Zachary's 20th Birthday! He is serving our Country in Afghanistan, in the Army. I heard from him today and he is doing well. All the guys are complaining about the heat. Zachary tells them its a typical day in Texas! His humor hasn't escaped him. I have put up another shelf in the "Craft Room" (right now its a mess hall) so I can put some more things away and start on more cards. I am going to post some cards I have finished once I figure out how to on this blog.
Any help is greatly appreciated!